Grab a copy of the new Texan in Tokyo book!

Do you know Texan in Tokyo? I bet you do and enjoy reading her blog and watching her videos just like I do (^_^)

But for the unlikely case that you are not yet familiar with it, let’s look at a short introduction from Grace:

“Grace Buchele Mineta is a native Texan, founder of the hit blog “Texan in Tokyo,” YouTuber, and author of the autobiographical comic books, “My Japanese Husband Thinks I’m Crazy” and “My Japanese Husband (still) Thinks I’m Crazy.” She lives in Tokyo with her husband, Ryosuke, where she blogs and draws comics about their daily life as broke newlyweds, navigating silly cultural misunderstandings as an interracial and intercultural couple, and dealing with the loneliness and frustrations of being a freelancer in a foreign country.”

As you can see, she already has self-published two (amazing) books that tell you a lot about how it is like to live in Japan in a lighthearted kind of way and I really loved both (and still have them on my kindle). But for someone who loves writing books, two can never be enough and today the new book “Confessions of a Texan in Tokyo is being published.

I had the pleasure and privilege to read it beforehand and I think its even more personal than the first two books. As always you find comics to smile about, as well as many where I thought “Exactly!” and found myself nodding along. But the book is not only for people who are very familiar with Japan. The articles in between the comics are very entertaining and give insight to life in Japan.

But the best of it all is, that Grace has decided to do it again and make the kindle edition of the book completely free of charge for the first days. So from today till the 23. go over to Amazon and grab a free copy. And while you are there, don’t forget to grab those first two books (First, Second) as well if you don’t own them already, because they will be free, too!

If this whole post sounds a lot like a commercial, it is. Not because I am asked to, but because I honestly think that she does a great job (together with her husband Ryosuke of course) and I really enjoyed the books (^_^)

Confessions of a Texan in Tokyo

© Texan in Tokyo

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