Random Impressions Part 9 – Relaxing on the Imperial Palace Grounds

On Sundays, especially on sunny Sundays, the Imperial Palace is a great place to visit. Not the palace itself, nor the famous Nijûbashi, but the Imperial Palace Grounds. The vast space of the park with it’s neatly trimmed grass and shady trees is the perfect place to relax.

On Sundays some of the surrounding parts are closed to traffic and you can rent a bike for free to take a course around. Though you have to stick to a specific route (a round course of about 3 kilometers) it is actually quite fun to make the tour. You can even get a tandem (which we did not try because I am not an avid cyclist and haven’t used a bike in ages).

Because it was such a beautiful day we took lots of pictures walking from Tokyo Station to the Palace and I hope you will enjoy them, too.

2 thoughts on “Random Impressions Part 9 – Relaxing on the Imperial Palace Grounds

  1. What lovely photos! I visited the Imperial Grounds in the middle of winter, and it was very well kept, but it was much less vibrant than it is now. I do enjoy the walk from the station!


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