The Importance of the 5 Yen coin |

[Japan in Pictures] The importance of the 5 Yen coin

When I was a kid, my father showed me all the books and souvenirs about and from Japan, among it a few coins. So the 5 Yen Coin has a significant meaning for me personally, because it was the very first japanese coin I ever saw or held. But the 5 Yen coin actually holds…

[Japan in Pictures] Standing in Line |

[Japan in Pictures] Standing in line

Standing in line, waiting for your turn, is something many people abhor – me being one of them. At least, that is, before I came to Japan. Waiting in line for an hour or more, to eat lunch or dinner? Sure, if the food is good or the store has been recommended. Sometimes I even…

Being Lonely in Japan |

[Personal] New Year’s Resolution Addition or Being lonely in Japan

It doesn’t matter if it’s Japan, Germany or any other country in the world. If you move to a new country, you usually have to start all over with your social circle of friends and acquaintances. Living abroad can be intimidating and finding your way in this new life can take up all of your…

2017 New Year's Resolutions |

[Personal] New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are not a new tradition. They have been part of the New Year’s traditions for centuries, dating back to the Babylonians. But even though many people nowadays do not make any resolutions for the new year and even think it to be silly, when they hear others make the typical resolutions like losing weight or quit smoking, I am convinced that everyone should have them.

Osechi Ryouri - New Year's Traditions |

[Japan in Pictures] Osechi

Osechi ryouri are traditional New Year foods in Japan, that have been around since the Heian period. Every dish has a meaning, such as ebi (prawns) as a symbol for long life, kuro-mame (black beans) for health or konbu (seaweed) for joy. Making all those different dishes by yourself takes a lot of time and…


Merry Christmas!

Joy to the world, is the spirit I associate with Christmas, even though we all know that the holidays can be stressful at times and the preparations exhausting. Nevertheless I hope that the main ingredient in everyone’s Christmas is love and happiness and that you all are celebrating right now with the ones you love.…

ANA Business Class NH209 NRT DUS

[Review] Flying ANA Business Class from Tokyo to Düsseldorf

Sometimes all you need is a little luck. After a week with long nights full of pain, topped off with a drive in the ambulance and a night in den hospital (‘only’ gallstones, so no need to worry), the upgrade to business class for the flight back to Germany, was something I really appreciated. But…

Doraemon - Beloved anime character |

[Japan in Pictures] Doraemon

Every child in Japan (and every adult as well) knows Doraemon, the blue robot cat without ears, who can pull gadgets for every occasion from its pocket. Have you heard of Doraemon, maybe even seen episodes of the anime in your home country? Advertisements

Momiji - The beautiful autumn foliage in Japan |

[Japan in Pictures] Momiji

If I post one picture a day it would take years to show you each and every one of the thousands of pictures I have stored away on my hard drive and various hard disks. And since I won’t stop making photos, it would never end. So why not put those photos to good use…

KitKat Ginger - Tasting the new winter flavor KitKat Ginger |

[Food & Drinks] Tasting the new KitKat Ginger

If you have been to Japan, you have probably noticed that KitKat here doesn’t only come in its usual flavor. Somehow the japanese people have developed a liking for different KitKat flavors and Nestlé Japan delivers. Tasting the different flavors of Japanese KitKat I am certain that Japan is the only country that has such…