[Random Impressions] Between Tanimachi-9-chome and Tennoji

Back in Germany I sometimes enjoyed going for a walk when the weather was nice, but in Japan I really came to love discovering my environment on foot. There’s just something about the little backalleys that suddenly give way to a shrine entrance, surprise you with houses surrounded by flowers and take you on a tour through the neighborhood.

Sparkling new buildings, broad streets, flashing neo signs, loud advertisement – all of this can be very entertaining and interesting to see, but I think without a walk through the often quite lively backstreets, you will never see the whole picture of a place. So today I will take you on a rainy day walk from the Tanimachi-9-chome station to Tennoji station and hope you will enjoy some of those random impressions I captured.

10 thoughts on “[Random Impressions] Between Tanimachi-9-chome and Tennoji

    • I agree that one tends to overlook small back streets when the time to travel is too short to see everything to begin with.
      Walking through neighborhoods is now something I really appreciate when I spent more time at one place


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