The Daiso experience

One of my favourite shops to spend time in is Daiso, one of Japans 100 Yen Shops. Well, actually, as the consumption tax is added at the end it’s 105 Yen, but still, quite cheap and not comparable to the 1 Euro Shops we have in germany. Here the shops usually consist of a small variety of good with very poor quality which is visible on first sight and the smell is of chemicals and plastic. So all in all not very appealing.
I made a whole different experience with Daiso in Japan, my favourite store probably being the one in Harajuku on the popular Takeshita-dori. It has four stories and about 980 m² full of colorful products for every part of your life. Daiso currently carries over 70,000 different products and new ones are added every month. So far the quality of everything I bought there was very good and the wide range of products make it easy to find something one wants (no matter if really needed or not ^^”).
“We can’t sell things if we don’t have passion and enthusiasm for selling. In this saturated market, we have to offer customers enjoyment while they shop and [give them] good value for their money. That means what we sell at $2.80 must be worth more than $2.80.” – Hirotake Yano (Founder of Daiso) source
This quote captures the business concept from Daiso which is also shown in the image below
The first store opened 1991 and although in the beginning it scraped by bancruptcy about nine times (!) Hirotake Yano made it. Today Daiso has the greatest share in the 100-Yen Shop market and has subsidiaries in more than 24 countries, which I find impressive considering that the concept of a “low price” store is found in every country. Even though the prices are steeper it gave me a sense of nostalgia when I discovered a Daiso Store while in Dubai and I enjoyed browsing through the shelves.
If you have the chance you should definitely visit one of the Daiso stores and check out their products.
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4 thoughts on “The Daiso experience

  1. Daiso is a great first stop for household items — plates/cups/silverware for only a buck a piece is a total steal.

    Also cheaper than a コンビニ for food and snacks, but not always as convenient of course.


    • That is true (^_^) The best and fastest way to get started when moving to Japan.
      コンビニ are surely unbeatable in location but Daiso has a larer product range and I just love to browse through the shelves


  2. A Daiso recently opened near us in Los Angeles by “Little Osaka.” It’s packed every time we see it. When we go to Japan, we visit one in downtown Yokosuka (for gifts and such) right before we return home. It’s amazing what they have.

    Nice post.


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