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[Japan in Pictures] Standing in line

Standing in line, waiting for your turn, is something many people abhor – me being one of them. At least, that is, before I came to Japan. Waiting in line for an hour or more, to eat lunch or dinner? Sure, if the food is good or the store has been recommended. Sometimes I even…

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[Personal] New Year’s Resolution Addition or Being lonely in Japan

It doesn’t matter if it’s Japan, Germany or any other country in the world. If you move to a new country, you usually have to start all over with your social circle of friends and acquaintances. Living abroad can be intimidating and finding your way in this new life can take up all of your…

Osaka Castle Header

Osaka – A New Adventure

It’s been awfully quiet around here, but today I want to invite you to start a new adventure with me: Living in Osaka. After a few tumultuous months, my husband and I are now settled in our new apartment in Osaka, have unpacked (nearly) all the boxes and finally got an internet connection set up,…

Google.co.jp 12.09.2016

Iwasaki Takezou and the japanese food samples

Anyone, who has visited Japan, knows those surprisingly real looking food samples, you can find in every restaurants windows. Advertisements

Kumamoto earthquake shindo 7

Shindo 7 earthquake hits Kumamoto

Yesterday evening at 9:26 pm a major earthquake hit Kumamoto with the force of a shindo 7, with a Magnitude of 6.5, and left several dead and many more injured. Advertisements


An experience Japanese speaking foreigners find annoying – and Japanese don’t understand?

After I came to Japan my experiences with talking to Japanese people obviously got a lot more and even though in general the conversations were (and are) really pleasant, I did find myself occasionally in odd situations. Advertisements


Getting my Japanese driver’s license 

After our move we went to municipal bureau the next Monday to register our move and since the one year since the translation of my drivers license is almost up we decided to change it as well. Unfortunately it took way longer than expected (somehow there were a lot more people in Yokohama than in…


Move to Yokohama

Finally back online! Waiting for an internet connection can be a real drag… But let’s talk about our move to Yokohama, since it was not only the first move I experienced in Japan, but also the fastest move ever. My husband had been talking to moving companies a few weeks before and decided finally on…


Adachi-ku Fireworks

Summer in Japan means cooled watermelon, Yukatas and summer festivals with gigantiv fireworks. When I came to Japan for my year abroad, we arrived after the last natsumatsuri were held and then I flew back just two days before the first one in the next year. So I never had the chance to experience a…


Grab a copy of the new Texan in Tokyo book!

Do you know Texan in Tokyo? I bet you do and enjoy reading her blog and watching her videos just like I do (^_^) But for the unlikely case that you are not yet familiar with it, let’s look at a short introduction from Grace: “Grace Buchele Mineta is a native Texan, founder of the…