Move to Yokohama

Finally back online! Waiting for an internet connection can be a real drag…

But let’s talk about our move to Yokohama, since it was not only the first move I experienced in Japan, but also the fastest move ever.

My husband had been talking to moving companies a few weeks before and decided finally on Star Moving. In the end it was a question of availability (and of course the price) since the confirmation for our new home came only after Christmas. The moving company send us moving boxes right away and over the next two weeks I packed everything little by little. But I was glad, that my husband had the day before off, so we finished packing together.

The day before the move the air conditioning was removed by a company that was ordered through our moving company. The same company reattached the air conditioning the day after our move to the new apartment, so fortunately it wasn’t cold very long.

On the day of the move the moving company came with a large truck and three (quite young) men, that did not look overly strong but surprised us to no end. Scheduled for 9 am they arrived around 8.50 while I was still packing up our shoes in the genkan. I thought that I would have time, since they had to carry out all the boxes and the furniture as well.

…Boy, was I wrong. Within 12 (!) minutes two of them had carried out all the 40 boxes and were starting with the furniture. Even though they had to disassemble the large living room table, the kitchen cabinets and so on, the whole loading process didn’t even take an hour. Within 50 minutes of arrival the large truck was full and we on our way to the station.

Arriving in Yokohama the moving truck was already waiting for us and the unloading was even faster! It took a mere 30 minutes until we were standing alone in the midst of our boxes – the furniture already assembled and in the right place. We couldn’t have done it like that on our own. I think we would have needed the thirty minutes alone for carrying the sofa.

For everything the price of the moving company included (boxes, air conditioning, super fast and uncomplicated move) I think it was really cheap. We paid around 50.000 Yen but when I think about carrying all those boxes and furniture myself, my lower back thanks me for leaving it to the professionals.


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