Food & Drinks Bloggers List from Shizuoka Gourmet

What a fantastic idea from Shizuoka Gourmet to put together a list of people who blog about Japanese food!

I am honored to be on the list, even though the eating portion is somewhat non existent lately. But it comes at a great time, because I plan to not only blog more in 2016 but also to include more food.
We have been to so many great locations (and of course I couldn’t stop myself from taking pictures) so I actually already have a good basis to dash out some places we have been to.

The list Food & Drinks Bloggers in Japan has some pretty great bloggers and a lot I don’t even know yet. So excuse me, while I spend the next hours checking out the other blogs (^__^)

And because I love food, here are some teasers of what you can expect soon πŸ˜‰

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