New blogging companion – EOS Kiss X7

I’m so excited I couldn’t stop myself from bragging (^___^)
Just about two hours ago the doorbell rang and I finally got my birthday present (which didn’t make it on time for Tuesday) and it’s an absolutely gorgeous EOS Kiss X7!

I have been wanting to buy a camera for so long now and always put it off, because I said I don’t have time to really go out and take photos or I wouldn’t take a camera with me if we went out, and so on.
But what could be better timing than our move to Japan and now the move to Yokohama? I will be exploring the vicinity either way and even though I like the camera in my phone, it just is such a different feeling to be actually holding a real on.

The Kiss X7 is great for someone like me, meaning, I like to go out and take photos, take photos for my blog an so on, but am not a professional photographer. The Double Zoom Kit comes with a 18-55mm lens as well as a 55-250mm lens, which is awesome.
But the thing that probably sold me is the weight of the camera. Without a lens the camera is 407 grams light and even with the 18-55mm lens attached it weighs only about 650 grams! When I consider, what I usually have with me in my purse I am sure it is more than 650 grams…

Unfortunately I first had to charge the battery and now the light is almost gone, but since tomorrow is Saturday I am sure I’ll have plenty of opportunity to try it out.

A few snapshots from our balcony (and couch ^^). I am very excited to test everything the camera has to offer. By the way, we were in Akihabara this week and I bought a SD card, which left me – again – more than surprised about the price. 64GB for less than 20$ seemed extremely cheap to me. I remember the first time I bought a digital camera and a SD card in 2005 and I paid about 77$ for 1(!)GB.
Of course that was 10 years ago and I did not pay that much attention lately, but still…

Do you use your phone for photos or a camera? If the latter, which camera do you use?

4 thoughts on “New blogging companion – EOS Kiss X7

  1. I am using an EOS500D (Kiss X3) with a 50mm lens together with a smaller Canon and my Smartphone.
    Actually, the EOS is too heavy to carry around the whole time. I only take it out when I know in advance I will visit a nice location..
    And sometimes the 50mm sucks XD

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    • Yeah, I don’t think that I will take it with me everywhere I go, either. It’s just not realistic and I think I will never be brave enough to use anything than my phone in a Restaurant or Shop ^^”


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