47regions - Hand Printed Japanese Manhole Cover T-Shirts

47regions – Hand Printed Japanese Manhole Cover T-Shirts

If you have been following my blog and read “[Japan in Pictures] Colorful Manhole Covers” you know that I am a fan of the way Japan makes its manhole covers more appealing and downright a sightseeing spot. So if I’m informed about a kickstarter with the tagline “Two Irishmen in Japan bring beautiful Japanese manhole…

ANA Business Class NH209 NRT DUS

[Review] Flying ANA Business Class from Tokyo to Düsseldorf

Sometimes all you need is a little luck. After a week with long nights full of pain, topped off with a drive in the ambulance and a night in den hospital (‘only’ gallstones, so no need to worry), the upgrade to business class for the flight back to Germany, was something I really appreciated. But…

Quincy Caroll - Up to the mountains and down to the countryside

“Up to the Mountains and Down to the Countryside” by Quincy Caroll

I was lucky enough the receive a copy of “Up to the Mountains and Down to the Countryside” from Quincy Caroll to review it on my blog, which I am gladly doing. The author: So let’s first have a look at Quincy himself, who, according to his website, “is a writer from Boston, Massachusetts. After…

Dark Waters by Rain Oxford

Magic – Murder – Mystery

Though only vaguely connected to Japan I want to introduce you to “Dark Waters” from Rain Oxford, the first book of her Elemental series. Rain Oxford is a teacher who has been writing for more than half of her life. The Asian-influenced cultures she creates were inspired by Japan, where she attended Ritsumeikan University in…


South China Morning Blues

Next week on October 15th the new book from author Ray Hecht will be published by Blacksmith Books and I was lucky enough to get an early copy. Ray Hecht has been living in Shenzen, China, since 2008 and has written several books about life in China – including “Pearl River Drama: Dating in China…

BuzzLife Hello Smoothie

BuzzLife – Hello Smoothie Blendy Sticks

While I was in Japan for my semester abroad I wanted to try everything new and was fascinated with all the things I had never heard of in my home country. When my (now) husband was time and again providing me with those little hairsprays and wax and whatnot in perfect handbag (i.e. sample) size…


Grab a copy of the new Texan in Tokyo book!

Do you know Texan in Tokyo? I bet you do and enjoy reading her blog and watching her videos just like I do (^_^) But for the unlikely case that you are not yet familiar with it, let’s look at a short introduction from Grace: “Grace Buchele Mineta is a native Texan, founder of the…


Comic Essay ドンキに行ったら外国人がすごかった

First seen on Sumikai… If you have ever been to Japan there is a big chance that you already know the popular store Donki (short for Don Quijote) or have at least seen one of them. At Donki (ドン・キホーテ) you can get everything! From stationary over household goods and foods (specially snacks) to Make-Up and…


熱さまシート (Netsusamashiito)

I’m sick. The kind with coughing and sneezing and bad bad headaches. I’m a poor little bunny (as my mother would say) but because my husband is still in Japan there’s nobody around to pamper me so there’s no point in moping around. That doesn’t mean I don’t (mope around), it just means the stuffed…


Looking For A Place To Stay In Tokyo? Try Cozy Shinjuku (コージー新宿).

Originally posted on Etui Trove:
[I receive no payment or compensation for this review. All opinions are entirely mine.] http://www.airbnb.com/rooms/2352536 I came across this affordably priced Shinjuku apartment while scouring through Airbnb. So here’s a full review of the place where I stayed for 9 nights during my recent Tokyo trip. 1. Location Location and station proximity description as in Airbnb…