[Personal] New Year’s Resolutions

2017 New Year's Resolutions | lostmyheartinjapan.com
Happy New Year!

New Year’s Resolutions are not a new tradition. They have been part of the New Year’s traditions for centuries, dating back to the Babylonians. But even though many people nowadays do not make any resolutions for the new year and even think it to be silly, when they hear others make the typical resolutions like losing weight or quit smoking, I am convinced that everyone should have them.

Not because I think the gyms will be full all year round with people, who had the resolution to lose weight or be fitter, but because it is the perfect opportunity to think about what you really want. Sitting in front of an empty piece of paper might bring out the usual things first, but if you dig a little deeper, you might find something, that you really want to change – or maybe really should.

Do I only want to go to the gym because everyone is doing it and I’m a few pounds over my perfect weight or do I want to get fit, because deep down I always had the dream to run a marathon? Maybe it’s because I want to be able to be more active with my kids and maybe it’s just something that has always bothered me.

Not the resolution is the important part, it’s what lies beneath it.

I want to be healthy and fit, to spend many more years with my husband and family.

I want to be more patient with myself and in my relationships, because I want to be happier and free.

I want to write more, because it gives me opportunity to put all my thoughts to paper, which is the best way to relax for me.

I want to travel and experience more, because the world has so much more to offer.

I want to be more responsible with my finances, because worrying about money without knowing where it went sucks too much energy out of the day.

I want to be more content with my life, because otherwise you can’t enjoy it.

And I want to take my time to do things I love and meet with the people, that make me smile.

Of course there are many things in life we cannot influence. Things, that frustrate, anger or worry. But after all it is up to us, to carry this anger and worry around with us or leave it at the door and enjoy the little things in life, that make us happy.

My dear readers, my wish for you is that 2017 will be THE year. The year, you love, laugh, sing and dance. The year that always has a silver lining. The year you may not live up to every single resolution you make, but the year that has but one motto: Be happy!

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