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[Japan in Pictures] Shoutengai (商店街)

Shoutengai is the japanese term for “shopping street” or “shopping district” and surely you know such a place in your hometown as well. The Shoutengai here in Japan often are blocked from traffic and housed under a long covering roof. The size of the Shoutengai vary from very small to unbelievably large. If you have…

The Importance of the 5 Yen coin | lostmyheartinjapan.com

[Japan in Pictures] The importance of the 5 Yen coin

When I was a kid, my father showed me all the books and souvenirs about and from Japan, among it a few coins. So the 5 Yen Coin has a significant meaning for me personally, because it was the very first japanese coin I ever saw or held. But the 5 Yen coin actually holds…

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[Japan in Pictures] Standing in line

Standing in line, waiting for your turn, is something many people abhor – me being one of them. At least, that is, before I came to Japan. Waiting in line for an hour or more, to eat lunch or dinner? Sure, if the food is good or the store has been recommended. Sometimes I even…

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[Personal] New Year’s Resolution Addition or Being lonely in Japan

It doesn’t matter if it’s Japan, Germany or any other country in the world. If you move to a new country, you usually have to start all over with your social circle of friends and acquaintances. Living abroad can be intimidating and finding your way in this new life can take up all of your…

Osaka Castle Header

Osaka – A New Adventure

It’s been awfully quiet around here, but today I want to invite you to start a new adventure with me: Living in Osaka. After a few tumultuous months, my husband and I are now settled in our new apartment in Osaka, have unpacked (nearly) all the boxes and finally got an internet connection set up,…


Grab a copy of the new Texan in Tokyo book!

Do you know Texan in Tokyo? I bet you do and enjoy reading her blog and watching her videos just like I do (^_^) But for the unlikely case that you are not yet familiar with it, let’s look at a short introduction from Grace: “Grace Buchele Mineta is a native Texan, founder of the…


Hip Hip Hooray for Solar Power

I think I have mentioned before that our apartment has solar cells, which I thought to be quite fancy. I’m sure most of you know how the system works, but let me just give a short overview. The energy the solar cells generate, which is on average about 7 kw, is used whenever possible before…


Driving Experience in Japan

The last weekend my husband and I got to lent the company car from where he works, so we could make a trip to IKEA (I thought it would beneficial to have more than two chairs if we were to invite someone over…). On Friday I was in Tokyo and on my way back in…


An experience japanese speaking foreigners find annoying

Something that comes up time and again while speaking with foreigners that live or traveled in Japan (who speak japanese) is a certain experience. Let me give you an example. I was just on my way to the station when a friendly middle-aged japanese Lady stopped me. “Excuse me, どこの国から来ました?” (Excuse me, what country are…


Getting on the Road again and my new roommate

After I got my visa last week we tried to get everything else done as well, so we stopped by the town hall to register as new citizen. On the Zairyu Card there is no address specified, but on the back is space for it and you have to declare your place of residence. Luckily…