Sharp’s Ocha-presso brings traditional Japanese flavor to your kitchen

“For better or for worse, this is so typically Japanese.” –> exactly what I was thinking…
On the other hand I am not only impressed (and am already considering if I need one for all the matcha recipes I want to try) but also was wondering why it took so long for a Matcha Maker to surface. Can it really be that this is the first one?
I started a small web search and actually found a fully automatic matcha dispenser that was presented in 2004, as result of a cooperation between Sanyo and Keiko. The SDM-CHA200J (Matcha Dispenser) can make 80-90 cups of Matcha per hours and is therefore not really a household item; also the hefty sum of ca. 15.000 Euro one has to pay for this little machine might be a little off-putting.

Matcha Dispenser

I also found an online matcha shop in germany that is currently working on matcha capsules for the Nespresso machines, which would probably be a good solution for many people who drink only occasionally a cup of tea. Though I wonder if the flavor of the matcha would not change.

In a country with Matcha flavored things all around Sharp might be really on to something (^_^)

2 thoughts on “Sharp’s Ocha-presso brings traditional Japanese flavor to your kitchen

  1. I think this is really cool and innovative. Our iMatcha Single Serve Cups are probably faster and easier to use if you have a Keurig K-Cup brewer. Looking forward to getting one and trying out this clever appliance on our next trip to Japan.


    • Thank you for your comment!
      I didn’t know the Keurig K-Cup before, I think in Germany the Nescaffe or Senseo brewers are more widely known 🙂
      If you ever get the chance to try it, let me know what you think in comparison to your product (^_^)


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