Everything’s the same yet different

The last weeks have been unusually busy, not only at work and not only because my little sister is getting married next week (preparations, hen night, wedding-eve party, so much to do… so much to celebrate 🙂 )

I spent the last week trying to separate my two blogs from each other and assign my fashion blog to a new Username so that I would be finally able to fully promote both of my blogs.

I really did not think it through when I set up my two blogs under the same account. Because only one blog can be chosen as “primary” blog I assigned this position to lostmyheartinjapan, but that also meant that I could only comment and follow other fashion blogs under this account name. Naturally my fashion blog did not get a lot of attention.

Now it’s fixed (thank you Andrew and José from WordPress) and as a first step I unfollowed all blogs that are strictly fashion blogs with lostmyheartinjapan (FujikoToyohashi) and refollowed with ciribiribi (Sakura_Fujiko).

I hope I will now be able to concentrate on both blogs equally and “pump up the volume” on both, finally get into a blogging routine and get more connected with the blogosphere (^_^)



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