My favorite quote for December

Zitat Englisch

After I saw this quote on a calendar in my moms house it stuck with me these last weeks.
Especially in the holiday season, when lighting even one small candle can evoke the Christmas spirit and fill the room with cozy light.

But next to the literal meaning of the quote, it holds true for many current events as well. After the terror attacks in Paris the discussion about refugees was bound to intensify. People in Germany (and all around the world I would assume) talk about why we shouldn’t let any refugees come into the country and why we are obligated to help the refugees. The discussion is in many parts seen as black or white, as being for or against the refugees.
We all know it is not that simple. Fear is the reason for most of the comments and discussions one can read everyday on social media platforms like Facebook.
Yet through all the talking and verbal fighting, the quote really struck a chord with me. If one would simply extend the hand to one person, help one person in his or her daily struggle (no matter if they are a refugee or not), one could light a little candle, that spreads through kindness and illuminates the darkness around us.

Don’t curse about people doing nothing for their own country. Go out and help the poor, the homeless, whoever is in need.
Don’t curse about people opposing the help for refugees. Just go out and do something about it. Help and show kindness.

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