Christmas time in Germany – Part 1 (Mainz & Frankfurt)

Three weeks have passed since I landed in Germany and I cannot believe how fast the time has gone by.

The first week my husband was here with me, but unfortunately he could not take a longer holiday. I would have loved to spend Christmas here together instead, but since he had to renew his eAT (electronic residence permit) he had no choice but to come early and spend Christmas working while I get to enjoy spending time with my family – mean, I know.

Of course I also wanted to visit my friends while I’m here, so on planned a round trip from Düsseldorf to Mainz, Frankfurt, Heidelberg and Stuttgart. This also meant, that I got to see some lovely Christmas markets and the lights and especially the “Glühwein” (mulled wine) never fail to put me into the Christmas spirit. Looking through the album on my phone I realized just now, that I didn’t take as many pictures as I thought, which might be also attributed to the Glühwein and Jagertee (spiked tea)…

The Christmas market in Mainz spans the whole inner city and yet it still was crowded everywhere.

Frankfurt really is the only city in Germany with a Skyline, though it doesn’t look that impressive if one has seen Shinjuku. Nevertheless the city is quite beautiful with its many old buildings.

In Frankfurt we took a stroll through the city, had great Indian food and ended up at a Ü30 party. But let me explain the significance a little more in detail. This year the last of us turned 30 and we made a promise about a decade ago, that we would celebrate this birthday by attending a Ü30 party – a party for people older than 30 years. With our move to Japan this wasn’t possible and it bugged me to no end. Fortunately one of the girls heard about the party on the radio and we decided to go. It – was – awesome! Why did we ever go to a normal club? There the party doesn’t start until midnight and you get home around 3 or 4 am. Absolutely exhausted and tired the next day.

The Ü30 party was planned to start at 8 pm, we were there around 8.15 pm and were dancing with cocktail in hand at 8.30 pm. The place wasn’t very crowded, so there was enough space to dance, the DJ played 80s, 90s and party music and took requests. We thought that this kind of party wasn’t so popular after all (though we didn’t want to complain about not being smothered) until we saw the waiting line downstairs. Though the venue could have easily fitted another 30 to 50 people, they decided to limit the number and give everyone more room. We did not stop dancing until 11.30, when we went home absolutely satisfied and happy.

Spending time with friends? – Check.
Walking over Christmas markets drinking Glühwein? – Check.
Fulfilling decade long promise to party? – Hell yeah. (Check.)

4 thoughts on “Christmas time in Germany – Part 1 (Mainz & Frankfurt)

  1. 1. I really want to go to a German Christkindlmarkt someday. Chicago always has one, but I want to see the real thing at least once.
    2. The U30 parties sound amazing! A couple years ago – about when I hit 30 – I stopped entertaining the idea of going out late. It just held no appeal any more! Unfortunately my friends often didn’t want to karaoke until after 11 p.m., so I stopped going to that, but if people had been up for earlier times, I would have loved to go more.


    • I really like the Christmas markets, though I have to admit that the crowds sometimes get a little overwhelming. I hope you will see one someday!

      Right? Why start late if you can start early in the morning, have fun, get everything done you would do otherwise and still be in bed (somewhat) early. I felt so much better the next day than I usually did when we went out. If you get the chance to walk over a german christmas market try to end it with a Ü30 Party 😉

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  2. The pictures are really nice. This year I managed only to go to the Christmasmarket in my hometown, no chance to go anywhere else.
    I wonder if I will ever attend a Ü30 party, havent gone really out for many years as I lack motivation to do so and suffer the whole next day… :p


    • Thank you!
      (^__^) It had been ages, that we went to a party with actual dancing. Maybe this will change if I find Ü30 parties in Japan *haha*
      I am definitely all for starting early, because – let’s be honest – even if you start at midnight normally you don’t stay longer than 3 hours…

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