Christmas time in Germany – Part 2 (Heidelberg)

First of all: I wish you a merry Christmas!! I hope you have lovely days with your family and loved ones.

After my visit in Mainz and Frankfurt and our awesome Ü30 party experience, I made my way to Mannheim.
In Mannheim I met with a lovely lady I only knew through facebook and whom I had never met before.
Isn’t it amazing how you can meet people through the internet nowadays? Our conversations took off, where we left them in our last chat.

We had a great meal and then drove together to the not so far away Heidelberg.
I absolutely adore Heidelberg. The town has such a beautiful inner city with its old buildings and the castle towering above it. As in Mainz, the Christmas market is spread throughout the city and tempts everyone with hot mulled wine, Christmas cookies and tasty bratwurst.
Of course we couldn’t resist either, so we had some hot wine before we went up to the castle. Where – surprise – was another Christmas market.

The castle in the evening is stunning and the view over the city with all its lights is something I could look at for hours. Fortunately it wasn’t very cold, so we enjoyed the view thoroughly before we attempted the walk back, down the slippery, steep and very dark pathway back down.

We had a really great day and I even got the “Neckarkiesel” I wanted to buy for my Mother in Law. They look like river stones, but are filled with Marzipan, Gelee and other sweet fillings.



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