Save money with a visit at the recycle shop

Making a trip to a recycle shop is probably not the first thing on your mind when you plan your trip to Japan. Yet it might be worth it to have a look around. Though you might not find your favourite Manga or Anime, or any kind of books for that matter (because they have fantastic “Old books” Stores) you might find some hidden treasures.

Though they definitely do have something for Manga and Anime, because the “toys” section is filled with original packaged figurines from popular characters (especially One Piece). If you don’t mind a slightly botched packaging you can find merchandise for a fraction of the retail price.

But you should really take a stroll through all the sections and discover what the shop has to offer. After we moved we went to the nearest recycle shop and bought lots of really nice plates and glasses and so on. We had about two small boxes plus a large plastic bag and paid around 25 Dollars. Such a bargain for those high quality plates and bowls!

Not only that, it’s funny to see how many luxury brand names you can find in a recycle shop. Because it is common to give (expensive) presents to people you work with/for etc. at the end of the year, there are so many unused, originally packed gift sets. So if you want to buy a tea cup set from Tiffany, plates from Lancel, a duvet from Yves Saint Laurent or towels from Givenchy you totally can! (… actually you can’t buy the Lancel plates and Givenchy towels at our recycle shop, because they are already mine *hehe*)

I think many people don’t like secondhand stuff and my husband was like “We’re definitely not going to buy anything at a recycle shop” but when we went there it took about 5 minutes and he was totally into it. I think it was the 60 Dollar guitar because he just looked at it for a while from every angle and then said “Just why is it so cheap?” Thus I am hence allowed to buy things I like at the recycle shop 😉

We actually just bought a Nintendo Wii there (I left mine in Germany) as a complete set for only 40 Dollars, which I thought was really cheap and I’m so looking forward to get my Wii Sports move on.

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