Little changes to the Blog

I spent half a day in front of the computer to work at my blog yet there is little to see.
When I moved to Japan I decided to write my blog posts in English as well as in German so my family and friends had it easier. Unfortunately this lead to inconveniently long posts (especially those with a lot of pictures) so I searched for an alternative solution.

As this blog is not self-hosted plugins were out of the question and everything else seemed quite complicated so I registered another wordpress site (I lost my heart in Japan DE) and now you can switch between English and German through the link in the menu. This means of course, that, if you want to see both languages in your reader, you will have to follow the new blog as well, though I think everyone will follow the language they read primarily. (And I hope of course that you continue reading at least one ^^)

3 thoughts on “Little changes to the Blog

  1. Blogging in two languages is difficult, I find. It makes your posts inordinately long, and then you know that people are skipping about half of it (in the language they can’t read). Also, writing it takes a long time! I hope that this solution works well for you, and thank you for continuing in English so I can keep reading ^^

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    • You are absolutely right, the Posts got hard to read and I think it might work with two Blogs. I would have written the german versions either was while writing emails to everyone ^^”

      I thought about it today and I actually feel so much more comfortable with writing in english rather then german…^^”


      • That’s great! You already have your blogs pre-written in German then ^^ I wish I were so comfortable writing in two languages, but I really think it’s hard!

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