A Cheapo’s Guide to Akihabara

I’m sure most of you interested in Japan, especially those who plan to or have visited, know Tokyo Cheapo‘s Blog and have rummaged through their website.

Japan is known as one of the most expensive countries, with Tokyo being one of the most expensive towns, and it can be daunting to think about all the money you are going to spend there next to the already not really cheap flight. I know I thought about it when I first wanted to visit Japan (being a broke student and all) and was glad to get some tips from fellow students and friends who had already been there and could recommend places to stay etc..

That why I was delighted when I first stumbled over the Tokyo Cheapo Blog and add to my “must try” list while reading the newest posts. I like their writing style that mostly feels as if your buddies were telling you about the newest hype you immediately want to try.

Now they are promoting their short-guide “A Cheapo’s Guide to Akihabara” and you can get it for free until tomorrow on Amazon! I already have my copy and I think it’s very well done and informative. A lot more to discover in Akihabara than I have till now and I’m looking forward to my next trip to Akihabara.

Get it while it’s hot: A Cheapo’s Guite to Akihabara

A Cheapo's Guite to Akihabara

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3 thoughts on “A Cheapo’s Guide to Akihabara

  1. Akihabara is the place all my friends want me to take them too when they visit. The town honestly gives me the creeps. When i first moved to Japan circa 2001, it was so different. It was mostly electronics with a smattering of anime, and i loved it. Now its mostly anime and it is Japan’s number one place for pedophilia. There still are a lot of electronics there, but unless its something very retro, you can get a better deal at any other electronics store outside of akihabara. It is still a place to put on the Japan bucket list though.


    • My father, learned electrician and engineer, was there for the first time in the 80s and he loved the place with all the tiny stores selling even the tiniest electronic parts. It had definitely changed when we visited together in 2007 and I was glad there were at least some of the tiny stores left for me to get a glimpse into the Akihabara my father knew. Now, I would say Akihabara should be included in a visit to Tokyo, especially if you like Anime, but I also find it disturbing to see Anime characters that resemble a naked 10 year old…


      • There still are lots of specialty electronics stores. Especially if you need parts for things that aren’t made anymore. I have seen many underground shops that sell old style transistors and even vacuum tubes…. It’s still a tinkerers paradise. (^_^)

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