House Viewing *Rant*

Moving abroad also means that you have to give up your apartment, which also means your landlord might try to show the apartment to other people so it isn’t empty between leases.

Well, last friday my landlord and three interested parties where supposed to come and I was nervous about it the whole week. Not matter how tired I was after work I tried to make our little apartment presentable even though there are already boxes everywhere. Half past three my landlord called and told me he might be late for the viewing at four as he was still stuck in traffic and he asked me to start showing the people around until he came.

Even more nervouse I waited for the first people to arrive, even went downstairs to see if someone was waiting in front of the door. But… not one came…

When my landlord arrived he was quite surprised and decided to wait a little longer downstairs but came back 15 minutes later (it was already 4.45 pm by then). He was able to reach one party and they told him they weren’t interested any longer, the other two didn’t even pick up the phone.

I was not only surprised but actually a bit pissed. I worried so much the whole week, my landlord came just back from a businesstrip and was stuck in traffic on his way from the airport and not one found it necessary to call ahead that they couldn’t make it. How hard is it these days to write a short message??

Because my landlord is again away for business we agreed that he would just give out my phone number and I would show the apartment myself. On Monday I got the first call asking me urgently to see the apartment this week. I have to confess I wasn’t enthusiastic about it because even on the phone the person was a little annoying. Even though I was at work she pestered me about 10 minutes with questions I couldn’t even possibly answer (but tried nontheless).

I agreed to meet her and her husband today at 4.30 pm, which meant that I had, again, to leave work early. And what do you think happened? Right, she didn’t show… *argh*

When I wrote her twenty minutes past the appointment I just got a “Didn’t you get my text last night that we cancel for today?” – Yeah, right, that’s what happened. If you can call me for an appointment and I can reach you then later by text how probable is it that just this one text didn’t get through??

I know that it’s not nice, but when even a simple little text message as 3-4 mistakes (spelling and grammar) I just assume that I might not have liked you anyway. I’m just so pissed right now! It may be a little thing for you, but can’t you just be polite and think about it for a minute and give me a call to make sure that I got your text?

*rant* *making mean faces*

…. okay, I feel a little better now…. ^^”

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