Can’t choose between melon bread and ice cream? Have both at once at this Kanazawa bakery

The perfect combination: meronpan and vanilla ice cream.
Melon bread was my favourite treat when I spent one semester in Japan. The consistency and taste is just great and very delicious. Being a fan of mochi and after making the discovery that mochi plus ice cream is even better, I can just assume that melon bread plus ice cream must be a genius idea. I’ll definitely try and find this shop the next time I’m near.

Here are two more posts about melon bread over at rocketnews:


SoraNews24 -Japan News-

MI 8

The city of Kanzawa, the capital of Japan’s Ishikawa Prefecture, has long been an important center for traditional arts and aesthetics. Visitors flock to the town’s beautiful Kenroken Garden, as well as its preserved samurai and geisha quarters. Kanazawa has also long been a center for goldsmiths, due to the deposits of the precious metal that can be found in Ishikawa, and to this day produces a variety of objects covered in exquisite gold leaf.

Recently, though, Kanazawa is attracting attention for something just as desirable as gold in some people’s eyes: delicious ice cream-filled melon bread.

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