And off we go to Osaka…

I am very excited to have the opportunity to go to Osaka for a week as a translator for a German business delegation. Of course I am nervous as well; I want to do everything perfectly, which (considering the time restraint of a non-related full time job regarding preparation time) is difficult and at times seems impossible.

I am lucky that I had an opportunity to translate for the same company before and at the time everyone was content with my work (and everyone was very nice). So I should probably not be so worried about expectations.

The task itself will be quite time consuming, but the schedule actually includes some free time (tomorrow) so I hope to be able to see a bit of the town. The cherry blossoms should be in full bloom now and I am very much looking forward to the scheduled hanami.

For now I will have to wait some more till boarding time and then try to get some sleep on the flight 🙂



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