[Food & Drinks] Tasting the new KitKat Ginger

KitKat Ginger - Tasting the new winter flavor KitKat Ginger | lostmyheartinjapan.com
If you have been to Japan, you have probably noticed that KitKat here doesn’t only come in its usual flavor. Somehow the japanese people have developed a liking for different KitKat flavors and Nestlé Japan delivers.

Tasting the different flavors of Japanese KitKat

I am certain that Japan is the only country that has such a wide variety of KitKat flavors and it is only here that I came to love eating and tasting the different flavors. For every season there is a new flavor to taste and the Green Tea KitKat is among the most popular souvenirs for many tourists. At every airport you will find a selection of different flavors, like Green Tea, Strawberry or Wasabi. Other flavors are region specific (like Citrus Blend from Shikoku) and if you don’t happen to travel to this particular prefecture, you might never taste it.

The winter version KitKat Ginger

KitKat Ginger - the new winter flavor of KitKat Japan | lostmyheartinjapan.com

by MarinaSun

This winter one of the special flavors is KitKat Ginger. It promises to warm your heart with the combination of milk chocolate and ginger flavor and who could resist to try auch a treat?

Putting the Ginger KitKat to the test

KitKat Ginger - the new winter flavor of KitKat Japan | lostmyheartinjapan.com

by MarinaSun

The first bite of KitKat doesn’t taste so much different than a regular KitKat bite, but it’s the slightly burning ginger feeling in your throat that makes it stand out. I’m not sure if it’s everyone’s cup of tea, but as I am actually a big fan of Ginger tea on cold winter days, it’s really a perfect treat.

Have you tasted different KitKat flavors in Japan? Do you have a favorite?

Product Info

125 Yen/35g package

189kcal, 2.2g protein, 10.7g fat, 21.0g carbohydrates, 12-37mg sodium

4 thoughts on “[Food & Drinks] Tasting the new KitKat Ginger

  1. I used to write a blog about Japan. In it I sampled Kit Kats. I don’t update the blog any more and it wasn’t very popular, but I loved sampling and writing about the many different Kit Kat flavors.

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  2. I have no idea about ginger Kit Kat but there IS a German-Canadian gourmet baker in Vancouver BC, who makes all sorts of flavoured chocolates…chili chocolate, passionfruit chocolate. So ginger chocolate would not be surprising. I suggest you visit Vancouver….you would love it.


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