Eatyoursushi Live Event at the Youtube Space Roppongi

So we just got home from an amazing evening, thank to Simon and Martina from Eatyoursushi (formerly Eatyourkimchi) and I just have to tell you all about it.

Two weeks ago, during one of the Eatyoursushi Episodes, they announced that there would be a special episode filmed on March 5th where Fans can take part. Of course I had to try and registered for the event. I was so excited when the confirmation email came! (^ o ^)

breaker simon and martina

So today my husband and I went to Roppongi Hills, where the Youtube Space is located in the Mori Tower. I was a bit unsure before arriving if we would find the right entrance, but the line of “gaijin” kind of gave it away πŸ˜‰
Everyones names were checked (I think that was my first time on a exclusive name list) and we had to sign the Youtube Space agreement (regarding taking pictures, safety, and so on) before getting our authorisation sticker and being guided to the elevator. The Youtube space is on the 29th floor, so the view is quite spectacular. …Which I didn’t even take a photo of because I was so excited.

After getting a name tag and searching for a seat, we did not have to wait long until Simon and Martina got onto the stage, but it felt like ages. I was totally fangirling by then, especially while looking onto the super cute stage with Spudgy and Meemers cutouts. So adorable!

Eatyoursushi Live Event (6)

When Simon and Martina came out you could just feel how much everyone loved to be there. Right from the start, when Martina told the first story (which I don’t want to ruin for everyone who will be watching the episode later) I knew I would love it. The atmosphere was great – relaxed and exciting at the same time. The show went on as usual, with talks and clips and the weekly challenge, before they answered questions from the audience. I so wanted to ask a question but in the end I just didn’t have the guts.

After the show finished everyone was able to line up and take a picture with the two. Which would have been awesome in itself, but Simon and Martina had something else up their sleeves. The last video they showed was of the two getting Gachapon – lots and lots of Gachapon – and everyone that came to the event got one to take home! The cute cat Gachapon we got, the more than adorable cupcakes thanks to Youtube and of course the absolutely awesome people made this a very special evening.

I met Simon and Martina for the first time and they were exactly like they are in their videos. It is easy to see why they are so well liked and have such a great community behind them (*yay* for Nasties). After meeting them I had more than ever the feeling, that it would be great to hang out with them. Hope to run into them by chance in Harajuku or be able to attend another event.

Thank you for a great evening Eatyoursushi!

PS: Are any of you “Nasties”? Anyone living in Japan? I need some friends to get out more ^^

19 thoughts on “Eatyoursushi Live Event at the Youtube Space Roppongi

      • I hope you will be able to ^^
        I really love living here and there are still so many things I want to see and experience πŸ™‚
        I guess you will be busy enjoying your time with your bf but if you want to get a coffee or something (provided you will be in the vicinity of Tokyo) let me know (^__^)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you 😊
        When you say that I wish I could already be there ! But I will have to wait a little before knowing where we will be πŸ˜₯
        There is son many things to experience there but I guess it’s because it’s not my own country ( my bf seems pretty bored and I am always the one who find new places to go , like Owl cafe ^^) .

        I would love to meet because I think it’s always fun meeting new people even more a Nasty 😎


      • Exactly my thoughts πŸ˜„
        I think foreigners are actually better informed about events and special places because we tend to search the web and have the urge to explore.
        While living here it can be hard to get out of a certain trot, but since I am working from home I have the liberty to work according to my own schedule or go out an sit in a cute cafe instead ^^
        Just send me a message if/when you have the chance 😁


      • It’s so true !
        We love new stuffs and exploring the city. You must have try a lot of places already I bet ^^
        Oh it must be cool to work from home ( I didn’t chose the good studies to do the same) and work in new environment when you want to 😁

        I won’t forget sending you a message next month it’s a promise ^^

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      • Du bist Deutsch! Ich habe Deutsch gelernt aber es var sehr schwerig!

        Oh my god that was so hard to write after starting to learn Swedish!

        Yes, I think I’ll really like it too!


      • Mein Mann meint auch immer, dass Deutsch sehr schwierig ist ^^
        But I think Swedish must be hard as well (as any language is, really).
        I’m trying to learn Chinese right now, but it is beyond slow…


      • Well, a third language is always easier than the second I guess. But I think in general, Swedish is easier: mostly the same sentence structure as english but has some similarities to German.

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