Short Visit at the Shinjuku Gyoen

Shortly after I got my new camera my husband had to go to Shinjuku, so I went along to try out my camera in the Shinjuku Gyoen. I hadn’t been there before and since it is quite big I didn’t get to see everything before meeting up again with my husband. The light was not the best, but I really enjoyed being out for the sole purpose of taking pictures. I think I’ll definitely try to incorporate such outings more often into our schedules.

The park is really nice and even though it wasn’t warm there were a lot of people strolling around and even lying on the gras. The Greenhouse is really nice and next time I want to have a look at the French Garden, that I missed this time. I bet the Park will be lovely once the flowers start to bloom.

So here are a lot of nature pictures 😉

3 thoughts on “Short Visit at the Shinjuku Gyoen

  1. This was on my list for my last trip to Japan but just collapse exhausted after multiple flights and underestimated my abilities to get around with a busted ankle. So really appreciated seeing it through your eyes (and camera lense)!!

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