It’s vacation time!

I am so excited! I haven’t had a proper vacation in ages and I desperately want one. My husband pretty much felt the same and because he can’t take too much vacation at a time we decided to make a short-trip. My husband wanted to go somewhere outside of Japan, but with limited time we also didn’t want to fly too long. I would have loved to go to Shanghai, because I haven’t seen my parents in law in nearly two years (I think) but the flights were so expensive that we decided to plan this for another time, hopefully with a longer vacation.

So, not in Japan, not Shanghai, but nearby, that doesn’t leave too much choices and because we both haven’t been there yet we decided to fly to Taiwan (^_^) We will fly in the evening of the 18th and return the evening of the following Monday (22nd), so we will have three and a half days to explore Taipei and maybe even get a glimpse at one of the beaches.

I really don’t know much about Taiwan and so yesterday I searched through the internet on where to go, what to do and of course what to eat. We haven’t booked a hotel yet, because we are actually not going alone and have to coordinate with a friend of my husband. He originally wanted to go to Taiwan with his wife, but even though he booked the flight and all in the end they were not able to make it, which was a real bummer. So now he made sure he got vacation days and nothing will come in between and he will join us on our trip.

It takes about three hours from Tokyo to Taipei and I really was tempted to fly with EVA Air and their Hello Kitty Jet. But in the end reason (aka price) won over cuteness and so we will take a normal boring China Airlines flight without our inflight meals being cut into cute little felines. Just have a look at the gallery, so adorable, and they have an own website for Hello Kitty Air. Maybe someday ^^

Hello Kitty Jet

© 2011 EVA Airways © ’76.’15 SANRIO CO., LTD.

Hello Kitty Air

© 2011 EVA Airways © ’76.’15 SANRIO CO., LTD.

For now I will be preparing our trip and fantasize about all the things we are going to eat 🙂

If you have been to Taiwan/Taipei, do you have any recommendations for us? What are your Top 3 to do, shop and eat?

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