Blogging nearly two years on WordPress: Thoughts and Conclusions

A great post about blogging on wordpress.
Also, don’t just read this post but have a look around, because this blog is really great, especially for japanese learners. The posts are well written, researched, easy to understand and I always find something I didn’t know before 🙂

Self Taught Japanese

In around two months it will be my two year anniversary of joining WordPress, and I’ve maintained five different blogs with various posting frequencies. I feel that after this time, part of me finally understands what WordPress is really about, and what it isn’t about. So I’d like to take a break from the usual Japanese stuff to talk about blogging.

Regardless of the fact I’ve written a post about overusing metrics, being a logical/numerical-type person I can’t help but track my blogs’ daily views and other related statistics. After all, one of my long-term goals of writing any blog on WordPress is to have a large readership, and these metrics are the window into how far things are progressing.

Types of readers

After a lot of thought, I now feel there are not two, but three main categories that any blogs readership can be divided into, and understanding the dynamics…

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