Word of the day: フワフワ (fuwafuwa)

フワフワ (ふわふわ) = fuwafuwa = fluffy, light, airy

After looking through my pictures I felt that this is exactly what I need right now, a big fluffy pillow to cuddle with. My husband is away on a business trip and the weather has me so sleepy and with headache that there’s nothing I’d rather do right now than have a nap with one of those cuties. I knew I should have bought one the last time we went to Lake Town…

(Do you know Hannari Tofu? They are just so adorable ^^)


© Sakura_Fujiko

5 thoughts on “Word of the day: フワフワ (fuwafuwa)

  1. They did sell these for a brief amount of time in Bristol, UK for one Christmas years back, and I still regret to this day for not purchasing one. It was actually the white one with yellow on top that I fell in love with!


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