Posts that never get published

Do you sometimes write blog posts that you know you won’t publish, even while you are writing them?

I definitely do. Those are always rants, whiny complaining posts about something or someone that ticked me off. I’ll write them to get them off my chest, leave them as draft for a while and then delete them without taking another look. It’s just, sometimes you have to let off some steam, but I think it’s really dangerous to shout anything into the world while angry.

Today I woke up to a message that really bugged me. Nothing particularly mean or anything, I just felt is was so ungrateful and though the cause was not, the circumstances and how it played out were unnecessarily annoying. At least to me. The evening before I was quite motivated to spent my morning with several posts and get productive, yet this little hiccup took the motivation completely away and ultimately I did nothing. Now, that in itself felt again super annoying, only this time I was mad at myself for being pulled down by … nothing really.

I did not write a rant or whiny blog post this time, but maybe I should have, just to get it out of the system and be done with it. Sometimes it’s just hard to let things go, that for some reason hit you harder than necessary.

How about you? Do you write “do not open” blog posts to vent? Do you keep it to yourself or do you shout it out?

6 thoughts on “Posts that never get published

  1. Yes, I agree that venting is important. Makes you feel lighter and all around better. As for me, I publish all I write in my blog. I use a private journal (both online & offline) to vent feelings that I have no intention of publishing.

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      • Ahaha. I understand what you mean. I generally don’t read previous venting entries. I actually burned some of my previous journals because I deemed them too toxic for rereading. However, my recent journals are more optimistic so I just keep them. Well, keep on blogging. Cheers!

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  2. I think it’s good to NOT post everything you right. Sometimes the idea/s seem great at first and then “meh”. Or it doesn’t seem right, or it’s too personal. In either case, I’m glad to hear of another blogger that practices such discretion 🙂

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