Tokyo from above – View from the city hall

On Sunday we had a late start into the day and of course we first had to get something to eat. Right behind our building is a restaurant with traditional japanese dishes which my husband hadn’t yet been to and we gave it a try. Though it was for us, the menues were not necessarily meant for breakfast ^^

I had a tempura menu with chirashi sushi (the fish on a bowl of rice) and my husband chose tempura with a sashimi side dish. It lookes amazing as always and tasted just as good. I never had chirashi before and even though it included fish eggs, of which I just don’t like the consistency, it was really good. Might try this again another time.

In japanese restaurants you will often see that people don’t just put their chopsticks on the table but use the paper wrapper they come in to build a little bench on which they lay them down. This restaurant had even a description on how to do it and it did not only look nice but was fun to build while we waited for our food.

After that we took the train to Shinjuku where we were met by rain… that was quite unfortunate because we wanted to go to the city hall and have a view over the town. But we’re already there so no change of plans and up the north tower of Tokyo city hall. The view from above is always quite something, even though the sky was grey. I’ll definitely go again on a sunny day and try to get a glimpse of the fuji in the distance.

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