Random Impressions Part 5

First seen on sumikai.com

When I visited Japan for the first time ever I decided to start in the south and then head up north with some stops in between before letting my stay end in Tokyo. I bought the Japan Rail Pass and went from Narita Airport straight to Tokyo Station and took the Shinkansen down to Fukuoka. In retrospect adding an 8 hour train ride to the 12 hour flight was not the best idea I ever head, but after a midnight raid of a combini and some sleep I was ready to take on my adventure.


Your day can only start on a good note when your orange juice smiles at you (^_^) photos by Sakura_Fujiko

I had decided to start with the Fukuoka Tower as my first tourist sight and the weather seemed perfect to have a great look from the top and afterwards stroll along the beach and enjoy the sun. The Fukuoka Tower was build in 1989 and is with 234 meters the highest seaside tower in Japan (though that counts in the top of the building). The observation deck is 123 meters above ground andwith its large windows gives a great 360° look over the city. Admission varies from 200 Yen (children) to 800 Yen (adults).

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