New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolution

pixabay/ geralt

I am a little early for my New Year’s Resolutions as I normally just think of those when someone asks me if I have any or develop them along the way (so, more Mid-Year Resolutions really).

Its about two weeks to Christmas and when I realised that I have bought exactly none presents until know I remebered one resolution I have every year: Start your christmas shopping early!
So that didn’t go as planned, yet I’m still earlier than some of the past years…

New Year’s resolutions are a strange thing. It’s almost as with birthdays. When you get older, especially now with the big 30 lurking in the shadows, sometimes you ask yourself “So when does this ‘being an adult’ start?” because you still don’t feel fully grown up. And every birthday there will be someone asking “And? How do you feel?” which I always found strange. Why would I feel any different than yesterday? It’s not like there is some magical transformation happening just because your age goes up a digit.

So I always feel like I should be feeling different just like I should have New Year’s resolutions but I never really do either. If I want to change something I do it. You just don’t start losing weight, stop smoking, exercise more because someone tells you that you should. If you don’t have an inner urge to change I am convinced that nothing will happen. Maybe you can force yourself for a week or two but then an inevitable slump in motivation will hit you.

So my resolution this year is: Don’t have any more New Year’s resolutions!

Instead I have dreams and wishes for the New Year that I will work for because they have accompanied me and festered throughout the now nearly past year. I wish for happiness and health for my friends and family. I dream of finally getting a rest and have a fulfilled life with my husband – together. I wish for both of us to just be happy in the next year. Not because have something but because we are together each an every day.

And next year maybe we get to go to the Meiji-Jingu again, just like we did so many yars ago when we first met…

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