Ao no dokutsu Illuminations in Nakameguro

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When the days get longer Illuminations start popping up around the country, creating a magical atmosphere in the darkness of the night.

Inspired by the Blue Grotto (=ao no dokutsu) on the coast of the island of capri a one kilometer stretch alongside the Meguro has been decorated with blue lights. The same stretch that is famous during the cherry blossoms season for its gorgeous cherry treas protruding over the river which is in the end compeletely covered by flower petals.

Ao no dokutsu illuminations

Ao no dokutsu illuminations by Nisshin Seifun Group Inc.

When talking about light decorations I don’t mean one or two measely partylights but treas that look like they consist only of lights. The blue lights are reflected from the water and create such a fairytale atmosphere that you just feel compelled to stay and walk among the lights. The perfect spot for a romantic walk in the evening with your loved one. Alongside the Meguro you can also find a lot of little cafés and bars where you can let the day fade away in a relaxed atmosphere.

The official website of the Ao no dokutsu Illumination made a video that captures the atmosphere beautifully.

And because my husband is already in Japan he went down there to take a few pictures for me (^_^)

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