Is Japan a Real Place?

A very interesting post I can wholeheartedly agree with, often finding myself as well at a loss when asked “What is Japan like?”

The Limping Philosopher

Otaku seek value in fictionality of itself, but they are also extremely sensitive to different levels of fictionality. From within our increasingly mediatised environment, it is already difficult to draw a clear distinction between reality and fiction. It is longer a matter of deciding whether we are seeing one or the other, but of judging which level of fiction something represents. – Tamaki Saito ‘Otaku Sexuality’

Looking at Tokyo one sometimes wonders why the Japanese went to all the trouble of franchising a Disneyland in the suburbs when the capital itself is superior a version. – Donald Richie ‘The “Real” Disneyland

I came to a realisation recently. Japan is not a real place. Do not worry, I am relatively sane, I am not denying the existence of a place called Japan, of course such a place exists, just keep going east after China, you can’t miss it. Japan’s ontological security…

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