Six (and a half) essential resources for learning Japanese

Learning japanese is an affair of the heart for me so I’m always reading through learning tips and try out new websites or Apps. This article from Philip Kendall over at RocketNews24 is very good so I thought I might share it. I absolutely agree with his list and found imiwa and rikaichan extremely helpful for everyday use as well as ad hoc translations.

Make sure to check out the comments for more recommendations. I’m off to have a look at a few new (to me at least) sites and will report back 😉


SoraNews24 -Japan News-


As we’ve said before, Japanese isn’t actually as hard to learn as it’s often made out to be. Unlike English, for example, Japanese follows its own grammatical rules far more rigidly, pronunciation is easy because there is only one variant of each vowel sound to choose from (none of this tomayto/tomahto business), and it’s possible to create entire, perfectly meaningful and valid sentences without uttering a single pronoun or bothering to conjugate a verb.

Nevertheless, the language will not magically seep into you through a desire to speak it alone — you still need to encounter and study it as often as possible. With that in mind, we’d like to present to you the six and a half resources that no dedicated student of the Japanese language should ever be without. Oh, and the good news is some of them are completely free.

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