Osaka – where eating is everything part 4

After the Cherry Blossom Boattrip and the short detour to Osaka Castle it was (oviously) again time for lunch and we were led to the New Otani Hotel, where we ate at a very good chinese restaurant.

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The view on the castle and the cherry blossoms was beautiful and the food delicious. Though I can’t deny my favourite part was the dessert (as always ^_^)

After lunch we headed right to Shin-Osaka Station to board a bullet train to Tokyo for the visit of the Ibaraki plant on the next day. The newest model of the Shinkansen, the Nozomi took only about 2,5 hours to get us from Osaka to Tokyo.

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I’m sure everyone who has been to Japan knows the vending machines that virtually stand at every corner (sometimes even in a group) and especially in winter I really did appreciate them for the hot cocoa and corn soup. Also they carry my favourite fanta flavour: grape!

The evening was long, loud and convivial at a cozy Izakaya

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Salad with Tofu, Nori and a great sesame dressing (I love sesame dressing, it really goes with aynthing)

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As expected the Sushimi was very fresh and just melting inside your mouth. I have never any doubts about eationg raw fish in Japan and find myself favoring seafood whereever I have chance.


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Yakitori is great for a snack in between and has always been popular in Izakayas. The only thing I don’t get is chicken skin Yakitori… *brrr*

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And of course I liked the dessert (*^_^*) shûaisu which is even better than a normal shûkurîmu, which is basically a cream puff.

Though the the second half of this post and the next one will be not “Osaka” but “Ibaraki” I decided to stick with my food travel diary titel 🙂

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