Osaka – where eating is everything Part 3

After getting an early start in the morning (and only a quick stop at the breakfast buffet) and a one and a half hour drive to the factory in Shiga the time till lunch passed very quickly and off we went to a nearby golf club. Many japanese people, especially business people, like playing golf and the old president of the japanese company we visited is no exception.

Part 3 (1)

Tamagoyaki, teriyaki-chicken and salmon as appetizer.

Part 3 (2)

Followed by cold potatoe soup, accompanied by sweet rolls and croissants.

Part 3 (3)

The main course was a steak of Omyia-beef (like Kobe-beef but from the particular region we were in) and it was right to the point.

Part 3 (4)

The strawberries were so sweet and tasty, the whole combination was just *yummy*.

Though the clubhouse in itself was a typical flat, grey building, the surrounding was beautiful. I bet on the golf course in the back was not a single blade of grass out of place or longer than the others. In the front was a small garden with the most gorgeous cherry blossom tree I have ever seen.

Part 3 Hanami (5) Part 3 Hanami (6) Part 3 Hanami (7) Part 3 Hanami (8) Part 3 Hanami (9) Part 3 Hanami (10) Part 3 Hanami (10b)

We took some pictures in front of the tree and they turned out great.

In the evening we went to Shuns, a kushiage restaurant. kushiage is basically little fried pieces of seafood, meat and vegetables on a stick that are dipped in different sauces. They come one by one and are laid onto a small metal drainer and are conveniently pointed into the direction of the recommended dip to go with it. The food will just keep on coming until you say “stop”. Of course as competitive males everyone asked what the “highscore” was for the restaurant, which seems to be about 40-45 sticks. In the end everyone was so full they couldn’t move and the one with the most sticks had 32 (I think I stopped at around 25).

Part 3 (4a)

Part 3 (5) Part 3 (6) Part 3 (7) Part 3 (8) Part 3 (9)

If I ever did wonder why I slept so deep and had headaches, drinking white wine, sake and umeshû all at the same time and this every evening (though the drinks varied I had to fight to get at least be one of them non alcoholic).

Part 3 (10)

The ice-cream was sakura-flavor (cherry blossom) and really the best choice to top off a great meal.

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