One step at a time

You might be wondering what happened to our Taiwan adventures (after all we’ve been back quite some time) but this time I have at least a (somewhat) good reason. The last weeks I was busy making my first steps as a freelancer.

Even before coming to Japan, working as a freelancer here seemed to be the best fit for me. Yet the last months I have quarreled with myself over what I really want to do with my life. Just because I love to write and don’t want to go back to a office job, doesn’t mean I will be able to build a career as freelancer.

Especially in the beginning there is so much to learn and do, without seeing immediate results. I already have been able to learn a lot, thanks to awesome websites like Make a Living Writing, but there is still so much left that I need to learn. Even setting up a writers page wasn’t as easy as I thought after I discovered the domains with my name were already taken…

Nevertheless I was able to gain first experiences on a freelance portal and I hope to able to slowly build up a reputation, find clients and quite literally “make a living writing”. It won’t be easy and I hope a crush for time won’t be a reason to neglect my blog again, but I am quite motivated and am actually looking forward to new challenges.

Therefore, in the spirit of self-promotion: Do you need someone to write articles, translate texts (English-German, Japanese-German, Japanese-English), proofread or edit? Then you’ve come to the right place. Just drop me a line at!

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