Random Impressions Part 10 – Flower along the way

I love flowers. It’s astounding in how many colors those beautiful petals come and how they can please the eye as little dots of color along the way.

Of course there are little front yards and flowers on the balconies in Germany, but here in Japan I find it amazing how many flowers can fit in such a limited space. The steps to the front door becomes a garden, the backyard resembles a little jungle and the littlest space is filled with flowers.

When I walk through the streets I almost always find at least one flower I will take a photo of, so I though I might share some of my favorite ones 🙂

4 thoughts on “Random Impressions Part 10 – Flower along the way

  1. Your pictures are gorgeous!! So many pretty blooms.

    I absolutely love flowers as well. I feel like I am in the right place too because Taiwan has so many flower festivals – fields and fields of perfectly arranged flowers and awesome flower displays!


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