Mee’s Pancake

I’m sitting right now in Harajuku, above the LINE Friends Store and had some lunch before I’ll throw myself back into the events of the Harajuku Kawaii Week (that started about an hour ago).

Though I don’t necessarily like to go to events alone it has a somewhat relaxed feeling to stroll the streets and pamper myself with a nice lunch.

Mee’s Pancake does not only offer great looking (spoiler: and so delicious) pancakes, but also a great Set offer with a main course pasta, a mini salad parfait and as dessert a fluffy big pancake.


Seemed good to me and with 1200 Yen also okay. For 200 Yen more you can get also hot fruit tea or iced fruit tea (my choice). I expected a “japanese” portion size but was surprised with a really generous serving of Shrimps-Avocado Genovese, a cute side salad and a big iced tea with fresh fruits in it.


The pasta was really good, actually everything was very good, but the pancake at the end was absolutely delicious. Big, fluffy, the right temperature and a little vanilla icecream on Top. Yummy!



The interior is also very cozy and retro (which I love) and the oldies music choice was great. I’ll definitely come back here.






11 thoughts on “Mee’s Pancake

  1. Making me so hungry right now! Haha. I didn’t realise Line had a friends series like KakaoTalk has! How interesting! Though I guess I should have expected it haha. I love going to the Kakao friends pop up stores in Korea πŸ™‚

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