The Importance of Friendship

I’m sitting on the sofa in the guestroom/study of one of my best friends and contemplate the last two days.

I always say “one of my best friends” because I always had two. All three of us have a name starting with M so let’s just call us the 3M. We hve been together since our school days, if I remember correctly around the time we were 15, which means that we have been friends for half my life. We grew up together, we fought, we shared our feelings and sorrows and saw each other every day, at least in school, sometimes also in the afternoon.

After we graduated from school we made a trip together through france, without a plan, stopping where we seemed fit, staying for a day or two. It was a great time. After that all three of us went to university, in the beginning still fairly close to each other, but we saw each other a lot less.

Then came a change of university, graduation and move to another town and the distance grew. Nevertheless we always tried to see each other regularly and speak on the phone at least every other week. Of course life got in the way and we talked less then we thought and even saw each other only every few months.

But, no matter how much time has passed between us, when we speak to each other, when we see each other, it’s like we had been together the day before. There’s nothing strange or distant between us and I think that is a very rare thing to have. We know that each one of us is thinking of the others, even though there might be no time or enegery left to call. We know that no matter what, if one of us has a problem the other two will drop everything and come to her side.

It always gave me comfort to know that and it was important for me that the other two know that they can count on me. Now, this might get a little more difficult in the future and that really hit me today. We planned three days together (my last free days from work) to see each other before I go to Japan and it’s just so easy to sit and talk to each other, not even noticing how late it is. All three of us had some rough weeks regarding stress with work and little sleep and we all noticed how much more relaxed we were today. Friendship helps.

Tomorrow is our last day together and although all of them are already planning to come to Japan, it feels like a goodbye and it’s the first one for me (with a lot more to follow). It makes me emotional in so many ways. I sad because I know I won’t see them as often and maybe even talk to them less because of time difference and what not. I’m so grateful for all the years of friendship we had until now. I’m proud to have friends that encourage me in everything I do and stand behind me. I’m happy because I know I’m making the right decision and because my friends feel it, too. I’m somehow relieved to see them both so happy in their lifes and relationships (minus stress at work, but who doesn’t have that, really?).

It’s like saying goodbye to my family (which will come soon enough) and it hurts, but I do hope that we will remain friends forever, no matter how kitschy that may sound. I am grateful for our friendship and I can only wish for everyone to have friends like those two.

4 thoughts on “The Importance of Friendship

  1. Ah, I know exactly the feeling, I have best friends too, and we have bounded for more 12 years now. I know how we are distance apart, not have conversation as much as we used to, not call that much, but still care and support one to another. 😀
    But, what is good from technology lately, we have our group chatting that makes us still share our day by day story. Ah, this post reminds me one of my treasure. 🙂

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  2. Friends re important but then again. I have near zero contact to the friends I had from my school years.nniw I have been back in my hometown for five months and I had no contact at all to them. However to my friends from my years in Finland I still have very good contact so let’s seeif I get lucky and find some contact info about my old pals here 🙂


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