It’s getting serious

Slowly but surely moving to Japan becomes reality.

This weekend I finally booked my flight with ANA (All Nippon Airways) and I’ll leave germany on March 24th. I had to wait until January 8th to book my ticket because all tickets booked on or after this day have a baggage allowance of not one but two suitscases with 23 kg. Of course this will still not be enough to bring all our stuff to Japan, but it’s better than only one measely suitscase (^_^)

Motivated by this I took the next step and had a major clean-up/sorting session with my mum and older sister to get started on our apartment. It will of course take a lot more time but it was a good leap forward and we got quite a bit sorted. The worst were my cosmetics because I just love to try new things and have differen creams for every part of my body and have a buttload of make-up. Even though I barely dress up or put on make-up for work I do enjoy it on my weekends and free days.


By Loty from United States (College Math PapersUploaded by JohnnyMrNinja) [CC BY 2.0], By Loty

The most annying thing to sort though were the papers I went through the day before. Not only do you really have to look at each and every piece but you also can’t just toss the whole bunch. Even though one might not need them again, but you have to keep them in the unlikely case that you actually do need them. I decided to take the most important ones with me, scan some others and leave the rest with my parents.

I’m still looking for the best way to ship some of our things to Japan but didn’t have the time for extensive research. Has anyone any experience with sending some boxes by ship or an international moving company?

12 thoughts on “It’s getting serious

  1. I sold almost all my stuff before I moved to Japan. Scanned all important documents and analog family photos (that took me weeks). I did send a few things by regular post, which was both expensive and they ended up breaking stuff, so I would not recommend it. Anyways, I loved the freedom I gained from purging almost all my stuff. Now I like to keep our belongings to a minimum because we keep moving internationally and I just don’t need “stuff” anymore :).


    • I definitely will try to set time aside for scanning my documents and photos. I think I’ll have too much stuff I want to take and I try to limit myself and decided to (if I really want to take it with me or keep it) store it at my parents house and have a look at it again when I visit. If I still want it, it stays till the next visit, otherwise I’ll toss it right there and then. Let’s see how this plays out 🙂

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      • Yes. My contract is up March 23rd, and I opted not to renew it. I love your heart and passion for this country, but I don’t share it. My heart belongs in Europe, so I’m going to go back to the U.S., regroup, go back to school, and hopefully someday make it over to around where you are.


      • Oh, that’s kind of a “fliegender Wechsel” (in flight exchange) ^^ I’m coming to Japan on March 24th
        I hope you will keep your blog up wherever you go (^_^)
        Do you mean you want to move to Germany eventually? We plan to stay for a couple of years in Japan, but then we want to move back to Germany


  2. Yes, eventually I would like to move to Germany. Though Austria was pretty wonderful too. But, yeah, Germany. I’ve never done more than take a train through it with two short layovers, but it has always felt like home.


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