Spam-Comments – Wether to laugh or cry (EDIT)

Usually I just take a quick look at the comments that are savely tucked away in my spam folder and then delete the whole bunch.

Normally it’s pretty easy to identify a comment as spam, something along the lines:

spam comment2

But this time I virtually stumbled and came to a halt with this comment:

spam comment

…what the heck? The complete title is somewhat of a give away of the spam, but the contents of the comment is what after a moment of dumbfounded blinking really wound me up.

“brain dead individuals”?

How dare you?!?

Do people feel flattered when they get this kind of message? Degrading the followers you already have because this one strange commenter thinks they are too dumb and wants to follow every word that pours out of your brain?

Is it meant to sympathize because the Spammer thinks most sites now have trolls commenting and leaving not so nice comments on your posts?


So much can be said, the Spam comment came from a External Harddrive web shop. So would I really think this is a genuine “All others are stupid let me be your friend” (let alone the creepy side) and approve such a comment?

For me the answer is a definite “No! (Leave me Alone!)” but it makes me wonder…



So today I looked in my Spam-Folder and found a comment that I think is (even if along the lines of the one above) way better in potentially achieving its goal.


This is one nice message, isn’t it? Why do I think it’s spam? For one it links to an advertisement video for a chiropractor and  – most importantly – it was posted under a post where there was nothing to read because it was only photos…

Nevertheless, I could live with this kind of Spam-comments (^_^)


2 thoughts on “Spam-Comments – Wether to laugh or cry (EDIT)

  1. RE: Spam. If you would have told me when I was nine years old, that “in the future, Robots will be sending you messages” I would have thought that would be COOLEST thing in the world.


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