Japanese artist arrested for sharing 3-D printable data of her vagina

I’ll admit, that is definitely some weirder news from Japan, yet it shows an asymmetry that I find more disturbing than anything Megumi Igarashi could mold. I am sure that Japan is by far not the only country where public displays of a vagina would cause commotion, but especially in a country where festivals rank around the male sex organ and there’s a temple for breast, one might think it wouldn’t be such a big deal to show some (artistic) models of a vagina.
One is reminded of stories like the retouching of pubic hair on the title page of the german “Stern” magazine before it was allowed to be sold. Sometimes there’s a discrepancy in the way different aspects of sex and sexuality is seen, ranging from “welcome to the sixties” to “victorian england”.
I hope Megumi Igurashi will be released soon. If you want to help, you can still sign the petition here.

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