Japanese artist arrested for sharing 3-D printable data of her vagina

I’ll admit, that is definitely some weirder news from Japan, yet it shows an asymmetry that I find more disturbing than anything Megumi Igarashi could mold. I am sure that Japan is by far not the only country where public displays of a vagina would cause commotion, but especially in a country where festivals rank around the male sex organ and there’s a temple for breast, one might think it wouldn’t be such a big deal to show some (artistic) models of a vagina.
One is reminded of stories like the retouching of pubic hair on the title page of the german “Stern” magazine before it was allowed to be sold. Sometimes there’s a discrepancy in the way different aspects of sex and sexuality is seen, ranging from “welcome to the sixties” to “victorian england”.
I hope Megumi Igurashi will be released soon. If you want to help, you can still sign the petition here.



This has got to be some of the most bizarre news coming out of Asia this week.

On July 14, a female artist who has distinguished herself with her female genitalia-inspired artwork has been arrested. Her crime? For distributing ‘obscene’ 3-D printer data about how to make an authentic mold of her own vagina via digital means. More details after the jump.

Note: While there are no explicit images after the jump, some of the content could be deemed NSFW.

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