Beppu and the Jigoku Meguri || Eckendenker

Since last week I am officially a freelance author for “Eckendenker”  and write there (as I do here) about Japan

Of course I want to share those articles here with you as well, so I will post a short introduction and link to the original article always “First seen on Eckendenker” (^_^)

So here it goes, my article about Beppu and the Jigoku Meguri, the “Hell-Tour”, first seen on Eckendenker:


Beppu and the Jigoku Meguri

If you ever wanted to say „Go to hell? Been there, done that”, you should include the Jigoku Meguri in Beppu into your Japan travel schedule.

On my first trip to Japan my first destination was Kyûshû, where I followed my fathers’ footsteps and spend a day in Beppu. My father, in the 80s working for a Japanese company and therefore often spending months at a time travelling through Japan, told me stories from his adventures in Japan ever since I was a little kid. One of the stories was about the “smoking” town at the sea, Beppu. Continue reading…

2 thoughts on “Beppu and the Jigoku Meguri || Eckendenker

  1. Is there ever a surge in temperature? The magma is slowly moving far under the rocks right? If there was an earthquake, could that shift around the magma contact points with the groundwater? Or is that an irrational fear?


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