Leadership does nothing despite public harassment of Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly member

When the story broke and I first heard about it I was really feeling angry, though not too surprised to be honest.

I feel sorry for assemblywoman Ayaka Shiomura, who had to endure this harrassment and I am glad that the story stirred a lot of outrage  (The petition ultimately closed at 91,356 signatures).

4 thoughts on “Leadership does nothing despite public harassment of Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly member

  1. But they figured out who harassed her, right? I don’t understand everything on the news, but this morning they kept showing this guy bowing to her. Easily the longest bow I’ve ever seen. A good fifteen seconds or more. And they showed the clip of her being harassed. So I think the guy has come forward.


    • It is true that Akihiro Suzuki appologized to Ayaka Shiomura and came forward as the one who yelled “Why don’t you hurry up and get married?”. http://blogs.wsj.com/japanrealtime/2014/06/23/tokyo-assemblyman-apologizes-for-heckling-female-councillor/
      The thing is, though it could definitely have been him yelling, I am not entirely certain. The second commenter has not come forward yet and even though Suzuki said that he was not pressured into confessing and into leaving the party it is not unheard of that blame is assigned and someone takes the fall for the party/company/etc. (more like, it’s very common)
      The premier minister apologized, though not to her directly but to the party head Keiichiro Asao and even then only said something along the lines “Please excuse the inconvenience at the Tokyo assembly” and did not adress it directly.
      I hope they will be able to clear up everthing, at least I’m glad that the people are complaining and not taking it lightly


    • Thank you!
      I slipped into a small hiatus due to a heavy workload and your nomination is more than a pleasant surprise (^_^)
      I’ll try to answer it as soon as possible and pass it on 🙂


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