Word of the Day: 雷雨 (raiu)


picture source: tpsdave (pixabay)

Yesterday evening was one of the worst thunderstorms I have ever experienced. The lightning didn’t even pause for thunder, the wind was so strong that trees, if not uprooted entirely, were split in half or lost countless branches. Bricks were flying and crashing onto cars and in the region at least 5 people died due to the storm. The whole night the sirens were sounding in the streets and since I was woken by it at four in the morning the sound of chainsaws cutting down trees to clear the roads hasn’t stopped. Nature really can be scary.

3 thoughts on “Word of the Day: 雷雨 (raiu)

      • You have inspired my post for today. “Fūjin and Raijin and Pokémon”. You know more about Japanese art and culture than I do. I worked on it all morning. I hope I did it right : )


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