Tokyo and Osaka girls become yabai friends with world’s first long-distance purikura

What an awesome idea (and really a great marketing event for m&m’s)! I love purikura and would definitely take some (^__^)
I wonder if one had the chance to exchange numbers or anything to further the “friend maker” aspect of the event.

SoraNews24 -Japan News-

Tokyo and Osaka, M&M's Friends Maker event, purikura photo sticker booth , puri-kura

Do you remember the first time you stepped inside a puri-kura booth? Short for “Print Club”, these booths that produce small photo stickers seemed like a passing fad to me when the machines first came out in 1995, but fast forward 19 years and the club is still going strong. And why not? Just hop in with your friends or special someone, make goofy faces, doodle some nicknames or hearts, then presto! Out comes a sheet of colorful stickers.

The booths themselves have come a long way during that time, incorporating a vast amount of technological wizardry, but now M&M’S Japan has unleashed an altogether different kind of beast. For a special event held on May 24, the confection giant installed a pair of booths, one in Tokyo and one in Osaka, collectively dubbed the “Friends Maker”, the world’s first puri-kura machine that allows total strangers in separate booths to…

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2 thoughts on “Tokyo and Osaka girls become yabai friends with world’s first long-distance purikura

  1. Hi, and thanks so much for the reblog! I just started writing for RN24 so I really appreciate it 🙂 Wouldn’t it be great if these booths really spread?
    Also, I’m a nut for magazine scans so your fashion blog looks sweet! Thanks again and keep on blogging!


    • Hi (^_^) thank you for taking the time to have a look at my blog.
      I’d love to try one of those and will keep an eye open for them.
      I’m looking forward to read more from you! Best if luck at RN24 🙂


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