Your Postcard visiting Düsseldorf

Greg Urbano, “hobbyist photographer, persistent blogger and part-time adventurer, living in the “sunshine city” of Saint Petersburg Florida” wrote a post a while ago titled “Where in the world is my Postcard?“. With this post he gave his reades a quite unique chance to interact, by sending out postcards to them, which in turn they then could take a phote of with the backdrop of their hometown.This definitely sounded like fun and after I submitted my adress I actually got his postcard in the mail this week (^_^)

The postcard is a print of his “Ode to HDR” and has the short poem written on the back.

Oh where would I be

in this photographic sea.

Without the colors and details

in which HDR prevails.

High Dynamic Range

it does sound strange.

If it were not for thee

I would not be me. – Greg Urbano

I though about where to take a picture and yesterday I finally had the chance to finish work early and take some pictures (tough only with my phone so they could be better).

2014-03-13 16.24.00

View of the “Rheinturm” and the Gehry-buildings

The “Rheinturm” (Rhine Tower) is about 240 metres high and has in 172 metres a restaurant that moves around the axis and gives you a great view over the town. If you are not hungry there is also a viewing platform which can be visited. But most people know the tower for it’s other function. Besides being a landmark, it’s also a clock! Indicated by lights one can see what time it is.

330px-Düsseldorf_Rheinturm_-_Lichtzeitpegel source: Wikipedia

2014-03-13 16.33.01

Here’s another view of the two of the buildings designed by Frank Gehry. Though controversal in the beginning and often getting bad critique in the newspapers, they are now three of the most photographed buildings in Düsseldorf. From which angle ever you look at them, you won’t find any symmetries and the outside pointing windows are very peculiar. All three buildings are office spaces, but on the first floor are a restaurant and a bar, which are very popular, especially in the evening.

2014-03-13 16.45.03

2014-03-13 16.48.24

The last two views are from one of the bridges into the city onto the old town of Düsseldorf. With the weather being as good as this the last days the promenade is packed with people, as are the bars and restaurants alongside the river.

It was fun to walk around and try to have an “outside view” onto the city and I’ll follow the posts at Gregs blog to see where his postcards went to (^_^)

6 thoughts on “Your Postcard visiting Düsseldorf

  1. Die Gebäude sind doch voll cool!!
    Sowas vermisse ich in Deutschland echt.. In Tokyo sehe ich überall total interessante Gebäude und freue mich jedes Mal 🙂
    Die Idee mit der Postkarte ist auch toll… Aber hier in meiner Stadt wüsste ich echt nicht, was ich als Hintergrund nehmen sollte^^;;


    • Ich mag die Gebäude auch gerne (^_^)
      Ich arbeite nur ein paar Gebäude weiter und vor allem wenn die Sonne drauf scheint siehts super aus.
      Das Design von Frank Gehry is sowieso aussergewöhnlich, wie die “tanzenden Häuser” (Fred und Ginger) in Prag, die haben mir auch unheimlich gut gefallen.


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